1 Apply Crm Cases

   Assignment Content     A manager of an IS or an IT department encounters numerous decisions and issues related to CRM. Throughout many of the assignments in this course, imagine you are the manager of an IS or IT department. From that perspective, identify and analyze various aspects of CRM related to businesses based on information from the provided Case Report Resources.

Assignment Instructions
Review the Assignment Deliverables section below. You will need this information to pick an appropriate company from the Case Report Resources below. Choose a company from the Case Report Resources that is appropriate for the assignment deliverables. Not all cases may provide all the explicit details you are seeking. You may need to assume information. Please make a note in your assignment indicating the information that is assumed. Imagine that you are an IS or IT manager for the company you chose. Write a case report with 700 to 1050 words that includes the requirements listed under Assignment Deliverables.  Assignment Deliverables
Do the following:
Describe what the case is about, give the important elements of the history of the situation, and specify the key problem or issue of the case, e.g. what decision has to be made by which manager. This is your introduction. Distinguish how the company used or did not use the 3 major types of CRM (strategic, operational and analytical). Examine if there were any attributes of successful relationships because of the CRM.  Identify any possible success the company had with customer acquisition, retention, and development because of the CRM. Include the most important information from the case in your conclusion. Include a reference to the case and cite the reference in APA format. Case Report Resources 
Case Report Resources are success stories that customer companies have had with 3 popular CRM providers: 
Salesforce® Blackbaud Dynamics® 365 from Microsoft® Submit your assignment.

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