2. Create a WBS for the dental o?ce problem. (The life cycle phases and the PM activities…

2.  Create a WBS for the dental office problem.


(The life cycle phases and the PM activities have been left off.)

Develop risk assessment                                                                                                                         Assessment spec

Estimate effort                                                                                                                               Cost estimate

Plan schedule                                                                                                                                        Schedule

Review risks, estimation, and schedule with dentist                                                                    Dentist’s approval Design object model                                                                                                                                                          Object model

Review object model with dentist                                                                                                Dentist’s approval

Get specs of patient records system                                                                                             Specs

Develop prototype interface with patient records                                                                       Working prototype Review form of reminder list with receptionist and dentist                                                                                                         Dentist’s approval Review form of daily and weekly schedule with dental staff                                                                                                Dentist’s approval Review design of class model with team                                                                                                                                         Review document

Implement                                                                                                                                            Compiled code

Unit test successfully with C0 coverage                                                                                      Test report

Integrate system                                                                                                                                    Compiled code

System test                                                                                                                                          Test report

Training and alpha testing in dental office                                                                                  Test report

Review system with dental staff                                                                                                   Dentist’s approval

Acceptance test by staff                                                                                                               Dentist’s approval

Deliver user manual and documentation                                                                                    Manuals delivered


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