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econ and sports class u decide how many resources
use 2 word doc to upload each one, part 1 need answer 1 page, and part 2 need answer 1 page, sign each question number of answer  

There are 2 parts to this discussion. Answer with knowledge and references from the text or outside articles

I am watching the same people win medals and thinking about other sports .
part 1:
1. Is Competitive Balance gone from the Olympics.

2.Football and several other sports have salary caps to maintain team balance. Why not put a maximum amount an athlete can spend on training for the Olympics.

part 2
3. The Presidents have term limits. What about Olympic athletes . Don’t let people compete in more than 2 Olympics.

4.I also would like to see the minimum age of competitors raised to 19. Does a 14 year old really have free choice? Did she/he really want to give up a normal childhood to “train”

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1-2 Page essay

Week 6 Team

read the case study, “Alphabet Eyes New Frontiers.” Carefully read the Framework for Case Analysis. 

Identify the basic issues that you must confront and the relationships among them


Alphabet Eyes New Frontiers

Philosophy(Reflection Paper)

  Reflection Paper Topics with Grading Rubric

You will write a 1000-1500 word response to your chosen paper topic from the list below. See Course Outline for the due date. 

This assignment is worth 300 points, or 30% of your grade. 



Learning Objectives:

Students will demonstrate their ability to construct arguments about issues of both personal and universal significance. Their writing should demonstrate that they can construct cogent, concise, and logically coherent arguments.


Students should demonstrate that they can distinguish the relevant points that form a logically coherent argument. They should also be able to construct criticisms which effectively undermine, through the use of appropriate counter-examples, some premise of that argument. 

Your assignment is to read any ONE of the following four articles located in the final chapter of the required textbook:

The Frivolity of Evil

How and How Not to Love Mankind

What We Have to Lose

Roads to Serfdom

Then, FOR THE ARTICLE YOU CHOOSE TO WRITE ON, you will type a 1000-1500 word response in which you address EACH of the following points IN YOUR OWN WORDS: 1) What is the author’s main argument? 2) How does he support his main argument (evidence, ancillary arguments, etc.)? 3) Do you agree or disagree with him? 4) Why or why not? 5) Apply the insights of at least two of the readings we have studied in this course (in chapters 1-9) to your analysis. Make sure to give a substantive explanation of how the philosophers’ insights are relevant to the topic you are discussing.

A WORD OF WARNING: These articles are rather long and complex. The author likes to make extensive use of his rather copious vocabulary, so I strongly urge you to have dictionary.com handy as you work your way through your chosen article. The purpose of this essay assignment is for you to demonstrate your ability to discuss, analyze, and evaluate complex philosophic arguments. I am confident that the reading assignments, tests, and discussion boards will have prepared you for this final, and no doubt challenging, essay assignment.

Note: I only allow one attempt on this assignment. Students who do not fully address all of the components of the assignment as stated in the instructions as well as the grading rubric below will have to be content with the grade they earned. 

Please use MLA format.

Letter to the editor arguing for a change in campus policy

you have 4 hours only

 Letter to the editor arguing for a change in campus policy

Audience: Your audience is the university campus community.  It will include the students and faculty who may be influenced by the policy, but also the administration who you wish to persuade to change their policy. While people outside the university community might read your letter, your primary audience will be people on campus who read the university newspaper.
Role: A college student, junior level or above, with at least three years experience with campus life and academic situations.
Purpose: To persuade the university to change a long-standing university policy or system to improve conditions for students (though it may improve things for faculty or support staff as well).  You will be allowed to choose what campus policy you will discuss, so your purpose will vary somewhat depending on which policy you wish to change. 

College English level research essay :requirement posted

750 words 5 Paragraph essay

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Final Letter to the Instructor

Read the instructions file then write 3-4 pages letter to the instructor


10th Edition Reading Assignment:

The St. Martin’s Guide to Writing, Chapter 6, pages 350-351. 


Write a 3-4 page letter to the instructor, which includes your own analysis of your work in this class. 

You may discuss any of the following in this letter:

* Your strengths and weaknesses as a writer, and how these may have changed or your awareness of these may have been altered.

* The essay that you are most pleased with

* The essay that you are least pleased with

* The difficulty level of the various essays you completed for this class

* The format of this class

* The quality of lecture notes, instructor feedback on papers, and other materials

* The helpfulness of the textbook

* Your progress from Comp I to Comp II

Though this letter is to be addressed to the instructor, the real point of this paper is for you to reflect on this semester–how the course did (or did not) help you grow as a writer–and prepare yourself for other writing assignments you may have in the future.


Here are some questions to keep in mind as you are revising your Final Letter to the Instructor:

* Is the overall focus of the letter clear in the first paragraph?  In other words, does the first paragraph make it clear what you’ll be discussing specifically?

* Are examples from your own essays (or the course materials) used to support your claims?

* Is the letter generally well-organized, and does it use transitions effectively?

* Is there a sense of closure (or completion) in the conclusion?


*** UNDER 100 WORDS *** NO reference/citations NEEDED ***

Have you ever read something that you suspected was fake news?  In this week’s reading you will learn about strategies for determining if a source is credible.  One of those strategies is the CRAAP Test.   Currency:  Is the information up to date? Relevance:  Is the information relevant to your research needs? Authority:  Who is the source of the information? Accuracy:  How reliable and truthful is the information?  Can the information be verified? Purpose:  Why does the information exist?

How can the CRAAP Test help you when you look at news and articles in the future?

Issues in International Policy1

Required Readings:

Lecture Book, Chapters 1 & 2, pp. 2-15.

Richard Kugler, Policy Analysis in National Security Affairs: New Methods for a New Era, (Center for Technology and Security Policy, National Defense University Press, 2006), available at: http://www.dtic.mil/cgi-bin/GetTRDoc?AD=ADA509588. pp. 1-85.

Go here for this week’s discussion on foreign policy analysis.

Discuss the key points of the strategic evaluation model described by Kugler in the reading this week. 


NOTE that this week’s positing is somewhat unique because it does not address a particular policy crisis. In future postings, you will be asked to make an assessment of the best policy to pursue in a given fact scenario. This week’s discussion forum, on the other hand, is simply designed to make sure you understand the basic structure of policy analysis.  Your posting should be at least 150 words long.

I need help writing a research paper on Does television have positive and negative effects on children? Help Please!

I need help writing a research paper on Does television have positive and negative effects on children? Help Please!