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Please answer the following:  According to the “The Evolving Terrorist Threat:” article by Joshua Sinai, several examples of the types of warfare terrorists generally employ to achieve their objectives were listed.  What were they and how does each empower the terrorist? According to Gerstein, general agreement now exists that terrorists are “rational” actors. Their actions may not be understood by their victims or the governments and law enforcement agencies that attempt to deal with these threats, but they are far from random irrational acts.  Chose a side of this argument and support it with a minimum of three different references. This is a 2 part question 1) Fully explain the CBRN agent threat posed by the group in the video “Rajneeshpuram: An Experiment to Provoke God” (the video can be found in the Week 4 Lesson); 2) and expound on if the key CBRN agent(s) threat they used in their actions is or is not a threat to our homeland today. Base your answer to the second part of the question upon additional research you conduct from the Internet or other reliable sources. Fully explain the threat posed by 4th Generation (Novichuk) Chemical Weapons.  How have they been used by the Russian government and what makes them different from previous types of chemical weapons.  Your answers should be based upon class readings and additional research you conduct from the Internet or other reliable academic sources.  According to Sparrow’s Syria: Death from Assad’s Chlorine there is good chlorine, bad chlorine and deadly chlorine.  How would the same characterizations made in Syria be applied to chlorine use and homeland security in the U.S.? Technical Requirements:

Length: Minimum of 5 pages (1 page for each question), double spaced, 1″ margins, 12 pitch type in Times New Roman font Citations/References:  You must use the APA style for this assignment. 

Assigned Reading Response

Does the contract an athlete signs with their college disproportionately favor the college or does it represent a fair exchange given the benefits that could potentially be derived from an athlete attending school? Please use the assigned readings and examples to support your response.

Discussion Post- 2 Persuasion Paragraphs


For this GRADED discussion, you will work with your peers. In your initial post, think about a time in your life where you tried to persuade someone to do something. Keep in mind that this doesn’t have to be a situation that was a full-blown argument—it can be something as simple as convincing a friend to go to a specific restaurant for lunch—and it doesn’t have to be a situation where you “won” the other person over either.

Before you begin writing, please review the discussion rubric (attached) to make sure you fulfill all of the required tasks. 

When you’ve come up with the moment, write two fully developed paragraphs explaining it to your classmates. In the First paragraph, describe the moment of persuasion so that your instructor and peers can “see” it. In the Second paragraph, explain why you felt like that moment of persuasion was either successful or unsuccessful. What strategies or techniques did you use to try to get the person to side with you?

Write an official Business Letter following the instructions.

Using the task from the attachment # (8.21), write an offecial Business Letter(positive, routine message (direct claim) ). 

HINT (foot stomp) : Claims often require writing instructions  (politely)  requesting the company to follow certain steps or do the actions you want the company to follow to correct your situation. 

apply Guffey’s 3×3 Writing Process stages

In one page only. 

I ATTACHED A PAPER THAT HAS DONE BEFORE BUT IT WAS DONE IN A WRONG WAY. Please read this paper and do a correct one using the comments form the old one. 


Writing a research paper is a great undertaking, and now you are at the end of the process. No doubt, you feel emboldened by your accomplishment. 

As we have done throughout this course, you will be asked to reflect one last time. What did you find to be the most challenging about the process of writing this research paper? What did you find to be the easiest? What did you learn about writing in general throughout this course? What did you learn about yourself as a writer? What would you like to share in the way of advice for other students who take this course after you? Discuss how the concepts in this course can be applied to real-world situations and increase your chances of career or life success.


                                           CLASSMATE’S POST

Without a doubt the most challenging part was just getting started. Even after I thought I had a topic, I realized it was too broad and had to revise it. I have always been threatened by writing papers, and this course has taken me way outside of my comfort zone. I am not sure that anything about the writing process was the easiest for me. I do however feel that having the words flow at my fingertip was the easiest. The words came easy after the I read and researched and understood the topic completely. I learned that there is a method to the madness.  I realized that as I worked through the process of writing a paper in the proper order, it was manageable. I learned that I am stronger that my fears. I learned that once I sat behind the keyboard, the words came. The rest was just a formal process of completion. I will always use the process of formal writing from this point forward. I have been one that just sat down and started writing in most cases, but now I will research and relate before doing so. I will also read and re-read everything. So many general errors that would make people think poorly of me are easily caught by just reading what I have typed before sending it.

DB answer one of the following question

Please answer one of the following two topics:

A. Using information from Chapter 7, imagine that you are the leader of a newly formed self-managed work team.  The team includes 12 people, all from different functions and departments within the organization.  How will you lead your team through the various stages of team development?   How will you handle challenges that arise? 


B. Imagine that you are the leader of a newly formed virtual work team.  The team includes six people all from different geographical regions across the globe.  What communication methods will you employ?  What challenges will you face (esp. regarding communication) and how will you handle these?  Be specific in your response and use concepts from Chapter 7 in your answer.

english wk 2 discussion

How you do anything is how you do everything. – T. Harv Eker (from Secrets of the Millionaire Mind)

This Course is a mixture of learning a new format (business style) and adapting your English language skills to a different audience. Business communication relies equally on format (how you communicate) and content (what you say).

Discuss the Eker quote as it pertains to your professional experience and the material for Week 2 Find a quality resource that discusses the importance of format OR find a quality support that proves format does not matter in the context of the professional environment.

250 words, 4 hrs

anthropology response paper

choose two resourses to write a response paper, word count 450-550, requirements and resourses are uploaded.

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