â?¢ School Community ProfileWeek 8: School Community ProfileAssignment InstructionsSchool Community

• School Community ProfileWeek 8: School Community ProfileAssignment InstructionsSchool Community Profile”It helps to know the rules of the game before you play the game; and it helps to know the rules before you try to change them to your advantage. Either way, a keen understanding of the industry is the starting point for any school district.” (A.S. Michaels, 2007)Each of you has entered into a unique educational program here. In order to fully understand and appreciate the nature of your district’s school-community relationship, you are to create a School-Community Profile that you will build on you throughout your courses here. In addition, much of your program relies on observation and hands-on training in the school environment. The primary goal of this project for this beginning class is to develop a rapport with your learning community.The School Community Profile is due week 8 to the instructor. The profile should be between 10-12 pages, not including the title page, abstract, table of contents and references (according to APA documentation).Outline of the School Community ProfileTitle PageAbstractTable of ContentSchool Community/District Demographics:This section should include the following information; population size, socio-economic assessment, and the size of school district. A district history is also an interesting addition to your introduction because it indicates autonomy for the community. Note: The demographics should not be listed in the paper. Summarize the information for the reader.School Community Research and Analysis:Research the school community. Discuss the district’s philosophy and mission, innovative programs, and areas of particular interest. Attend a school board meeting of your proposed school community. Be sure to review testing scores and other measures of achievement for grades K-12. Note: Test scores should not be listed. Demonstrate your ability to summarize and synthesize the information.Interpretation of the Environment:Synthesize and evaluate your overall impression of the environment, the students, the community and the administrators and the activities in the community. Look for evidence of how the school and community work together. In addition, include significant political and community issues facing the district.ConclusionDevelop a conclusion based upon your research of the environment. Your conclusion should go beyond simply restating your earlier points, but should draw a conclusion based upon what you learned about your educational community.Paper Rubric1. Includes a discussion of schools demographics (not just a list) (25 pts)2. Identifies the school’s philosophy, mission, and student achievement (25 pts)3. Discusses the overall characteristics of the school/community and the impact of political and community issues (25 pts).4. Draws a conclusion based on the previous three sections. Paper meets the minimum page requirement (minimum of 12 pages of written work-not including title and reference page); includes outside resources to support points (please utilize your texts and scholarly research); submitted in APA format (which includes title and reference page, abstract and table of contents); and is submitted on time (25 pts)All assignment should be submitted in APA format (please include a title page with a running header and reference page). Please be sure to utilize your course textbooks and outside resources to strengthen your position.

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