PLEASE NUMBER EACH QUESTIONS

1. Describe the stages of processing sewage in municipal sewer systems. How do current methods for treating sewage differ from those that were used in the Middle Ages? Please also describe the historical factors that spurred the development of today’s sanitary sewage systems and the major related public health complications. (A Minimum of 215 Words)

2. Describe some of the major methods of source reduction for solid waste. Also discuss the advantages of each of the following: landfilling, composting, recycling, and incineration. (A Minimum of 215 Words)

3. What health hazards are associated with uncontrolled and older waste sites in the United States? Describe the process by which hazardous solid waste can affect human health. (A Minimum of 215 Words)

4. Describe how a septic system provides an alternative to municipal sewer systems for the disposal of human waste. Please describe its advantages and disadvantages. Please also make sure to discuss how septic systems are designed to ensure adequate sewage treatment and protection of public health from disease causing pathogens. (A Minimum of 215 Words) (A Minimum of 215 Words)


Friis, R. H. (2012). Essentials of environmental health (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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