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Reasons Why Teens Should Refrain from Using the Internet

Internet usage

Internet usage is experiencing massive growth due to the ease with which it can be accessed through affordable electronic devices like computers and mobile phones. Statistics show that about 300 million Americans have access to the Internet (Lenhart 17). Internet is being made available to children, both at home and at school. Various studies also indicate that teenagers are one of the most popular groups of internet users. They use various digital platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and online games, apart from browsing various other sites for different reasons (Ahn 1435). The use of social media among teenagers, however, poses serious threats like cyber-bullying and online scams, and proves to be a waste of time in addition to damaging one’s reputation, thus, interfering with their positive emotional health. Therefore, teenagers should refrain from using the internet due to the high number of negative effects associated with the activity. Affordable electronic devices

Damaging one’s reputation

The first drawback, of using the internet, to teenagers is the risk of damaging one’s reputation. Serious threats have been reported from Internet use among teens, which has led to the call for censorships to contain this huge menace (Boyd 123). The fact that digital platforms are being utilized as a channel for fun and interaction can serve as grounds for negative effects when teenagers get involved in arguments or fights. Teens may decide to share personal information on social media platforms, thereby, ruining a peer’s reputation by posting sensitive information about their lives or even their characters. This leads to low self-esteem and creates stress in the affected individuals. Secondly, wastage of time is another reason why teenagers should refrain from completely immersing themselves in the social media. Online platforms like Instagram and Facebook are quite addictive. Despite internet being a good source of learning and skill development, teenagers have abused this role since only a handful utilize it for the intended purpose (Ahn 1437). For instance, teens connect to Instagram just to interact with people, especially celebrities whom they barely know, just to admire their lifestyles. This is, however, pointless, as they could better use their free time in other constructive activities. Affordable electronic devices

Teenage indulgence in online platforms

Moreover, cyber-bullying has become rampant in the recent past. It entails harassing and intimidating one’s motives through malicious language as well as circulation of pictures with the intention of humiliating the well-being of a person. In acute cases, online bullying can result in low academic performance, stress development, fear psychosis, low self-esteem, and eventual depression. In severe cases, it may potentially lead to suicidal tendencies (O’Keeffe et al. 803). Such occurrences can be prevented through minimizing the teenage indulgence in online platforms.Affordable electronic devices

The online platform

Finally, teenagers can fall prey to online scams. The online platform has many sites some of which are maliciously created to influence individuals into performing illegal activities. Teenagers are at a higher risk of being victimized since they are offered enticing packages for quick cash generation. These teens become a threat to many institutions, whereby they are used to perpetuate embezzlement. Since online fraud is considered illegal, with serious legal implications where one faces conviction when found guilty, the teens are at a higher risk of being imprisoned compared to other age groups (Boyd 127). Affordable electronic devices

Internet censorship input

In conclusion, teenagers should refrain from over indulgence in digital platforms, judging from the serious threats it causes. Mechanisms like that of internet censorship input should be considered so as to contain the risks of teenage involvement in social media. Moreover, internet regulations should be modified in a manner that allows access only to adults to interact on the web. Teenagers should, however, be allowed selective access to educational sites like that of online books and articles. Through regulation of the teenagers’ engagement in the internet, their lives can be made resourceful for the betterment of the society. Affordable electronic devices

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