An Australian owned business specialist about rental properties requires to efficiently record…

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An Australian owned business specialist about rental properties requires to efficiently record and track all of
their listed properties, customers, staff, rental activities, and maintenance of the properties.
The property managers accept entrusted rental management of the real estate from property owners. The
property could be a house or apartment. Each property should be recorded with the information including
property type, address, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, listed weekly rental, as well as available date.
When a customer wishes to rent a property, he/she is required to make an application which will be recorded. A
customer can make many applications for different properties. However, only one application will be approved.
If the application is approved, the contract start date, end date, and weekly rental must be recorded. A property
is managed by one property manager and a manager could take care of multiple listed properties.
From time to time the property under management may need some maintenance service or minor repair jobs
(for example broken window, electrical fault, water pipe leaking etc). The company has contracted the
maintenance tasks to qualified external employee who will undertake the repair job as required. The external
employee could be an electrician, plumber, or handyman. Details of repair job and complete date must be
The people that system needs to record include property managers, the owners of property, the customers, and
the contracted external employees. Their name, address, contact and phone are essential data in the database
system. In addition, you should consider one or two extra attributes to describe property manager and external
Tasks to be completed:
a. Create a complete ERD with entities and relationships using given scenario.
Make sure that relationship types, participation and cardinality is shown in
b. Convert the ERD to a set of relational tables in at least 3NF and draw a
dependency diagram
c. Create a database using MICROSOFT ACCESS- with primary keys, foreign keys,
and other attributes mentioned for each entity using proper constraints.
d. Create a form to input/update data
e. Input some significant data in each table showing your understanding of the
f. Create three queries.
g. Create a report.