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Conduct a search for recent (within the last 5 years) research focused on the application of clinical systems. The research should provide evidence to support the use of one type of clinical system to improve outcomes and/or efficiencies, such as “the use of EMR ( Electronic medical records) to support patients newly diagnosed with hypertension.” Develop an annotated bibliography that follows the organization of the Sample Annotated Bibliography resource provided in this Competency. Complete the annotated bibliography for each of the five peer-reviewed articles you selected for the one type of clinical system you selected. Be sure to include the following: An introduction of each peer-reviewed article selected. APA citation of each peer-reviewed article selected. Summarize the study in each peer-reviewed article selected. Analyze each peer-reviewed article selected. What are the benefits and limitations of each peer-reviewed article? Explain the improvement to outcomes, efficiencies, and lessons learned from the application of the clinical system that each peer-reviewed article described. Be specific and provide examples.

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