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  4.1 Annotated Bibliography

Attached Files:  Evidence Based Practice Annotated Bibliography Template (1).docx (13.209 KB)  NRS 3713 Evidence Based Practice Annotated Bibliography Grading Rubric(1).docx (16.055 KB)

An annotated bibliography should be completed according to the following guidelines.  The assignment should be created by completing the Annotated Bibliography Template. The bibliography should contain five articles focused on the topic you selected for your PICO question. The articles should be written for primary, original, singular research studies with the majority based in the United States. Literature reviews and/or systematic reviews ARE NOT acceptable. The articles must be from peer reviewed NURSING journals and all must be within the last five years (2016,2017,2018,2019,2020). 

For each article, the template should be completed fully. 

Research design would include (but not limited to): experimental, non-experimental, correlational, descriptive, retrospective and etc. Please refer to your text.

Relevance would reveal how closely the information in the article is related to your topic.

Accuracy of the the source includes whether; the source is unbiased, provides evidence, includes information that is repeated in other sources, and provides adequate references.

Quality of the source would examine; the author’s credentials, whether the source was supported by experts in the field, and whether the concepts of the article were fully developed.

All five articles should be submitted to the 4.2 Article Submission link below separately from your Annotated Bibliography.

This Annotated Bibliography is due by Monday of Week 5, 11:59 PM CST.

Please review and adhere to the Annotated Bibliography Rubric for an optimal score.

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