Ashford MGT 435 week 2 quiz 100% score

1.     Stage 5 of “The Development Life-Cycle of Organizations” is known as

2.     Which organizational change model asserts that there is no one right or best strategy that can predict organizational success?

3.     First-order (adaptive) changes are

4.     Which of the following is true about the fact that people often resist change?

5.     In the “The Organizational life-Cycle Model,” growth through delegation typically occurs

6.     True or false?  The history of the Apple computing company contrasts with the logic of the Organizational life-Cycle Model

7.     Organizational Inertia” refers to

8.     According to the “Environment-Industry-Organization Contingency Model” of organizational change, which of the following increases environmental complexity?

9.     Second-order (discontinuous) changes are

10.  According to Lewin’s “Force-Field Analysis “to change resistance, change is the result of

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