Assignment 19681637

Use the library and other internet resources to research for information about the history of Cryptography. Write a 3 pages research paper answering these questions. What critical issue in symmetric and asymmetric encryption is resolved by using a hybrid method like Diffie-Hallman? Provide examples to support your answer. How can we apply symmetric and asymmetric encryption in real life situations? Provide at least two references to support your initial post.

Please note: Apply APA format on your academic writings. provide 3 pages long (not including title and references) as a word document. Include title page, table of content page. Use time new roman or Arial as font type. Use 12 a font size. Use double spaces. Add running head to the upper left corner of your document. Add page numbers to the upper right corner of your document. Add a references page to the end of your document. Do not re-state the questions. Make you own titles and subtitles.
Include at least two sources (i.e. two references) and use them within your in-text citation. Do not use Wikipedia as a reference.

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