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civic planning

Mesoamerican Cosmograms Central Arguments and Themes Ashmore and Sabloff, in “Spatial Orders in Maya Civic Plans,” focus on civic planning, cosmology, and politics through the lens of Maya arenas and the buildings. The authors establish the relationship between the above factors by examining the complexity of spatial order and politics in particular centers. Sabloff and […]

A domestic engineer

Beauty and Sexuality in the Fifties             The 1950’s American women, as revealed by the media of the time, had a clear role in the society that involved being a domestic engineer and playing second to men, who were considered the head of the family. [Author1] Additionally, television shows, films, and popular culture had common messages […]

Affordable electronic devices

Reasons Why Teens Should Refrain from Using the Internet Internet usage Internet usage is experiencing massive growth due to the ease with which it can be accessed through affordable electronic devices like computers and mobile phones. Statistics show that about 300 million Americans have access to the Internet (Lenhart 17). Internet is being made available […]

state of trance

The Pack Individual who has manages A shaman can be described as an individual who has manages to acquire some access and influence in the spirits world. This is mostly achieved when the individual is in a state of trance during dances and rituals, healing process, or divination practices. Shamanism is concerned with the spirits […]

childhood education

Improving the Effectiveness of Programs for Bilingual Children’s Development my immense passion           Driven by my immense passion in childhood education, I noted that in the academic year 2013-2014, only fourteen percent of the students classified as English learners received bilingual instructions. After reviewing some of the bills that you have sponsored, I have also […]