Big-Picture Infographic of Training Systems

 Please take the systems/tasks below and draw a graphic that orders (by time sequencing) all of their steps and how each is connected to each other.  Create an Infographic, using a Google search for relevant information on infographics. In your infographic, briefly explain the importance of each step and the importance of how the steps are sequenced. NOTE: The entire graphic must be on one page and the explanations may be on another. For the infographic, you may create it freehand or digitally, take a pic, and submit it here. NO HARD COPIES WILL BE ACCEPTED. Here are the systems to be included:

·       Gap Analysis and its relevant steps
·       ADDIE and its relevant steps
·        SWOT and its relevant steps
·        The Strategic training process, from strategy à operations
·        The “3 Hs”
·        Bloom’s Taxonomy
   Hint: EVERYTHING in T&D (and ALL HR sub-disciplines) begins with an organization’s strategic plan.
Only content on ONE sheet of paper will be graded! 

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