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BMGT 6302 VirtualI wanted to add vegetables (such as veggies dunks (Veggie Dunks- Will consist of celery, carrots,broccoli with a small container of ranch dressing. and vegan burgers to the mcdonalds menu. I don’t know how to do the market plan presentation. Please see requirements below:Marketing Plan PPT Presentation (50%):Rather than requiring each student to complete a final examination or submit a research paper, we will demonstrate a practical mastery of marketing by applying our knowledge as demonstrated in a formal marketing plan. It is considered a “semester project†in that it will incorporate the many tactical functions of marketing and will provide us with an opportunity to “combine all of the pieces of the puzzle.†It is given substantial consideration (50%) of your final course grade and should be worked on diligently throughout the entire semester. I designed BMKT 3331 to focus around an application-oriented project to allow you to actually “do†what you have learned in the course, resulting in a tangible output that I can accurately assess (following the grading rubric). From a Bloom’s taxonomy of learning objectives perspective, this assignment nicely addresses the analysis, application, and synthesis objectives. Thus, it will prepare you better understand and appreciate strategic marketing perspectives. You are required to demonstrate a practical mastery of strategic marketing management by applying your knowledge in the development and presentation of a formal, professional marketing plan (via PPT or other comparable format) for a real or hypothetical organization’s launch of a new (must be realistic) product offering. The good or service may be a new version or substantial improvement of an existing product. The presentation should outline the overall marketing plan and address concerns and weaknesses that potential investors may highlight. I suggest that you share your high-level ideas on the assignment with me before you invest a great deal of effort and energy so that I might give you some specific direction. Follow this template while designing your marketing plan for an external audience as you seek to raise capital.Outline: New Product Marketing PlanIntroduction: (1 slide) Use an “attention-getter†fact or “wouldn’t it be great if you had X†to gain the interest of your audience (investors you have the capital that you need).Executive Summary: (2 slides) Summarize your idea, the essence of your proposal, and the results you forecast.Organizational Description/Background: (2 slides) Describe the beginnings of the organization and give a brief historical overview of major milestones.Strategic Plan: (4-5 slides) Identify core values, mission/vision, SMART goals/objectives (financial and non- financial), culture of the business, and core competencies/sustainable advantages.New Product (Good or Service) Idea: (4-8 slides) Describe the new product or service that is to be introduced. State the value proposition and positioning statement that outlines the benefits your product will provide to the target customer (in order to differentiate your offering from currently available ones). Include enough detail to allow the audience to understand what it is and what is does. Photos, drawings, specifications, etc. may be very helpful in this section.Situation Analysis: (4-8 slides) Include a SWOT, Industry, Competitor, Company, and Customer Analysis.Marketing and Product Objectives: (4-8 slides) Describe the target markets, points of difference, and positioning.Marketing Program: (4-8 slides) Detail you marketing mix (4Ps) for the new product.Financial Data & Projections: (4-6 slides) What is your ideal and minimum investment needed to pursue your plan? What is your breakeven point and associated timeframe for profitability?Implementation Plan: (2-3 slides) What will you do if you are granted the investment you seek? How will you go about putting your plan into place?Evaluation & Control: (2-3 slides) What contingency plans are in place? What if things do not go according to your projections?Appendices & References: (2-3 slides) Provide citations and additional materials.

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