Building Secure Web Application 19476521


1) Visit the OWASP website. 

Using WORD, write an ORIGINAL brief essay of 300 words or more describing the history and background of OWASP. 

See the Vulnerabilities tab. Choose one of the vulnerabilities on the linked page and describe briefly.


Learn About creating good password security.

An IT Security consultant has made three primary recommendations regarding passwords: Prohibit guessable passwords such as common names, real words, numbers only require special characters and a mix of caps, lower case and numbers in passwords Reauthenticate before changing passwords user must enter old pw before creating new one Make authenticators unforgeable  do not allow email or user ID as password


Do a bit  if research into File Inclusion Vulnerability. What is it? Why is is dangerous? What is the difference of low and remote inclusion? What methods can me employed to prevent a security breach? What programming languages are vulnerable to this type of attack.

Post between 100-300. Use your own words. Do not copy the work of another students.

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