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Getting Started, Footrace and 3-Page Analysis

Footrace Practice and Getting Started Assignments:

Begin learning the electronic sensor manufacturing business by using the footrace (i.e., “Footrace player”) version of Capstone. Compete against computer-managed companies. Learn the rules of the game and become familiar with the decisions you make. The more rounds you play the better. 

This is an individual exercise at Capsim practice. You must complete four decisions rounds and review your results. Without completion of four rounds, no credit will be earned. Each round will be assessed and timed to insure quality practice is achieved. You will then complete of a three-page analysis covering the four rounds.

Rubric: Launch Capsim’s Footrace – Getting Started. Complete the “Getting Started” assignments and four footrace practice rounds with thought, consideration and quality decisions, and three-page analysis of decisions, financial and strategic results is required for credit. Your analysis must address all of the following for credit to be considered:

  1. Getting Started Assignments including Situation Analysis (40%)
  2. What strategy did you attempt to employ? (10%)
  3. Determine reasons for your results: (40%)
  4. In the four practice rounds, what was your company: dollar sales each round? Contribution Margin for each round? Stock Price for each of the four rounds?
  5. Compare customer priorities and to your product specifications, price, marketing dollars, awareness, accessibility, and customer surveys verses those of your close competitors. In what segments did your products do well (as understood by the comparisons) and why?
  6. In what segments did your products not do well and why (compare customer priorities, your product specifications, price, marketing, awareness, accessibility, and customer surveys verses those of competitors)?
  7. Were your sales forecasts accurate? 
  8. What investments in new products, in production capacity, in automation did you make for each year?
  9. Were your finance decisions congruent with your operational needs? Any emergency loans?
  10. Did you issue stock and/or issue bonds? When and how much?
  11. Which decisions were effective and which decisions were not effective?
  12. Describe your personal learning experience (10%)
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