Business Continuity Plan And Disaster Recovery Plan 2 Questions In 24 Hours


Course: Business Control and Disaster Recovery plan:

Note: Please write the paper in favor of Computer science students taking the above course

Please write each question in a separate document and make sure no plagiarism.


Question 1: (250-300 Words)

 Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of record recovery.  Name at least three key points. 


Must contain a properly formatted in-text citation and at least 2 scholarly references. 


Question 2: (300-400 Words)


What kind of user training should be conducted to deal with the issue of noise. How do you strike a balance between being overwhelmed with false positives and the danger of ignoring true incidents?  What effects would false positives have on an organization?  Make sure to cite your sources.

Assignment should follow all APA rules and include a min. of (1) citation/reference.

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