Buttons, Drop Down Lists (Active x) and Associated Macros won’t work on some Computers Hi, I have an

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Buttons, Drop Down Lists (Active x) and Associated Macros won't work on some Computers


I have an Excel 2007 File that has several macros. All functions work on my computer and some other user computers. However, on some computers, none of the buttons or drop down lists work (users cannot press the buttons or drop down lists).

Troubleshooting and details so far:

1. The above problems exist whether the file is password protected or not.

2. The macros work if I go to the Developer ribbon and run them from the Macro menu.

3. It appears to somewhat be a computer by computer problem: however, I was able to login as myself on one of the problem computers, and open the file (both from my Domain files and from the download link which we have on Google Drive).

4. All Macros are enabled under the Trust Center option

5. Tried booting in Safe Mode, and didn't help.

6. We have Lenovos, Dells, and a Toshiba we're testing this on. It works on the Lenovos (worked with a user on the Lenovo that didn't work on a Dell) but not the Toshiba and Dells.

7. The Excel Service Pack and Version is identical among all of the computers (Service Pack 3).

8. I have tried to open from an USB drive, and that doesn't work. I have also tried to open it from email and Google Drive on the problem computers and users.

Thanks !!