C Basic

1.Ask the user the name of the item to be used in the calculations.

2.  Ask the user the current price of the item.

3.  Ask the user for the number of years that they have to pay for the item.

4.  Ask the user for the interest rate.

5.   If the user does not make any payments,  calculate what the item would cost when they pay for the item.

 The output should look like this:

The (name of the item) costs (present cost) now.

The (name of the item) will cost (future cost) in (number of years) years.

Run the program with the following information.

The item is a car.

The present cost is $25,000.

The number of years is 10.

The interest rate is 8%.

Please upload the .cpp file and the results of running the program.

this is a community college assignment and should be done with low complex coding. I need .cpp file and the results of running the program

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