C++ program for the prompt We got done with with searching/sorting algorithms and idk how to do this

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C++ program for the prompt

We got done with with searching/sorting algorithms and idk how to do this prompt

Create a program that will perform the following operations:

Read a series of names from the user. The names should be stored into a partially-filled array, and the user should be allowed to continue entering names until either the maximum array size is exhausted or the user enters a blank value. The number of names the user has entered will be used as the “size” of the array from this point forward. Hint: Creating a function for this purpose would keep your code clean…

Sort the array of names so that they are in alphabetical order. For this purpose, you may assume that all names either start with a capital letter or a lowercase letter (that is, you need not worry about mixed case). You should create a function that performs Bubble Sort for this purpose.

In a loop, allow the user to search for names in the list. The user should be allowed to enter a name, then you should display a message to the user indicating whether or not the name was found in the array. This should continue until the user chooses to stop by entering a blank value when prompted for the next search target. The search itself should be performed by a function that implements the Binary Search algorithm.

Implementation Details

In order to simplify the data handling in this program, you are encouraged to use the string type for the name data. Type string has the advantages of being able to compare directly with the usual relational operators, and being able to assign directly using the normal assignment operator.

You should allow for full names to be entered; that is, you must plan on allowing spaces within a name. This means that the stream extraction operator (‘ >>’) is not appropriate for this task. Instead, use the string version of the getline() function. For reference material on this version of getline()