Caps Discussion W6

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Provide a progress report of your oral presentation by addressing the following:

What steps do you plan to take to transition your paper to a presentation? Which key ideas will you focus on? What questions do you have about using Panopto recording software for your presentation? What recording device will you use? (I will use Panopto recording software) Share some tips and tricks you have learned for delivering a powerful presentation. How confident are you presenting your paper via video? Explain. What are your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to giving video presentations? How will you maximize your strengths?


1. Build a three–slide PowerPoint (or Prezi) presentation that includes text and graphics. Outline your answers to the following questions:

What are some specific questions you have concerning the final argument paper? What is your time–management plan for compiling and editing your final paper? What parts of your final paper do you anticipate will take the most time and attention? For example:

Incorporating instructor feedback in your perspective papers Reworking the perspective papers into one cohesive paper Writing the introduction, conclusion, or abstract APA formatting Revising for grammar, spelling, and punctuation