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KONE is a global industry company (based in Finland) that manufactures mostly elevators and escalators and also service over 1.1million elevators, escalators, and related equipment in several countries. The company employs over 50,000 people.

Access pages 3 – 5 of your recommended textbook and read the contents therein with a better understanding and thereafter answer the questions below.

1. It is said that KONE is embedding intelligence across its supply chain and enables smarter buildings. Explain.

2. Describe the role of IoT in this case. 

3. What makes IBM  Watson a necessity in this case? 

4. Check IBM Advanced Analytics. What tools were included that relate to this case? 

5. Check IBM cognitive buildings. How do they relate to this case?

Info Security And Risk Management Assignment

 Subject: Info. Security & Risk Management 


The topic of the Group’s research paper must be pre-approved by emailing the professor by the end of week 1; to receive permission to proceed. The group research paper will consist of a 15-page paper (not counting the title page, reference pages, and graphs/tables/figures used for the research. The research paper will be written in APA about quality management or risk management issue-specific topic -specifically relating to course content found in the textbook. Here are detailed instructions:1. Choose an organization, company, or agency that suffered a cyber-related attack within the past 5 years.2. Discuss in your paper the specifics of the attack and how it negatively affected the victim. Make sure you cite your source and use in-text citations.3. Use a table, figure, or any other method to outline or display the type/s of attack that occurred and what security controls potentially may have failed the organization.4. Articulate in your paper what the group believes could have prevented the reported cyber-attack, and, specifically relate this to two or more learning objectives from our course. Note: I will be paying close attention to this part of the research paper! Therefore, fully discuss this portion in your writings. Use tables/graphs, etc., as necessary.Administrative grading guidelines:1.  Writing Style (i.e., professional writing with consideration given to spelling, grammar, format, references, and page count): 20%.2.  Content (i.e., addressing all portions of the presented topic, using main points and subpoints as needed): 70%3.  Groups will resource are properly cited and referenced. Make sure to use at least 10 credible sources. Note: Wikipedia and other general Internet sources are not allowed. Further, the sources must be within the past 5 years: 10%.Good writing tips:1. Use other literature reviews and articles as a guide quotation: Quotations should generally not be used.2. Voice: Avoid 1st Person3. Avoid Slang; Use Professional Language4. Organize the Paper by Topics not Chronology5. Be Concise. Delete unnecessary words, phrases, and sentences to drastically improve your writing. Scientific writing is concise and to-the-point!6. Revise and Rewrite as necessary7. Citations: You must use good citation habits. It is plagiarism to use other writers’ words and ideas. Reword it if used in your research and apply the necessary in-text citation8. All writing assignments will adhere to the APA writing style. Additional information on APA is available on the University website and in the week 8 content folder.All writing assignments should adhere to the APA writing style. Additional information on APA is available on the University website or as an announcement to the class.Thank you.Billy

We already selected  ProMed Health Insurance and I am uploading an example paper. From this paper, I have to write only DRP and CIRT for ProMed and Disaster recovery plan for ProMed by 5 pages with references. 


Df Week 5


Go  to the website: which focuses on civil rights issues and privacy. Pick a case.

Using WORD, in you OWN WORDS, write an ORIGINAL brief essay of 300 words or more  : Summarize the case Give your opinion of the decision. Describe how the case deals with the material in this chapter

Note your Safe Assign score. Continue submitting until your Safe Assign score is less than 25. You have three attempts to complete your assignment.

Attach your WORD doc and then hit SUBMT.

Discussion Hash Functions


MD5 and SHA Functions have been used for years to verify files and messages. Discuss how they have used.  What is the difference between a one way hash value and other cryptographic functions? Why is a “salt” important?

Remember to first post your point of view before responding to your classmates. You must respond to at least two classmates

6 points for your post, 2 points each for responses to classmates.  The same standards apply here as to the Week 1 discussion

Research Paper Based On An Article Relation To Cyber Security


Using the attached article to complete this research paper based on the article as follows:

Article Topic: Are Your IT ready for the pandemic driven threats?

Your paper should be 5+ pages, single spaced using a 12 point font, with not more than ½ of 1 page used for instructive images. At the top left of your paper put your name, date, course, and then name of the instructor. Beneath the instructors name put your paper title and have it centered.

· A summary of the article you read. 

· Your opinion about the importance of your chosen topic. 

· What is the problem? 

· Why should the problem be corrected? 

· How should the problem be economically and effectively corrected?

· Recommendations, Summary and Conclusion

· A citation (name, author, link) to the article you read and references.

Included relevant citations. 5+ pages, single spaced using a 12 point font, APA format

Using the attached below to write this paper.

Knowledge Management Adoptedif Not Why In Information Technology Workplace Settings

 How have you seen Langer’s(see attachment) section on Knowledge Management (p. 116-120) adopted (or not) in a workplace setting?

  – You can share success stories where your organization used effective knowledge management principles, or “horror” stories where they did not and it caused problems.

  – Please write personally and originally.  This is where “parroting” Langer or another source, in other words, will not be sufficient.

  – Please do not mention any study, article, or outside research.  Simply discuss your experience at work and what you observed.

Note: The first post should be made by Thursday 11:59 p.m., EDT. I am looking for active engagement in the discussion.  Please engage early and often.


Part1: 250 words of the answer to the question

Part2: Two 50 words of replies to similar posts that will be posted after receiving part 1 from you.

Discussion Forum 1 19476041

Topic: “Protection of patient data has become a critical part of the scope of practice of all healthcare professionals. Routine data breaches underscore the importance of training clinical employees in protecting these data. However, beyond exposure to HIPAA regulations, little is done to educate the healthcare student about the risks and vulnerabilities of the online environment as it pertains to health data” (Swede, Scovetta, & Eugene-Colin, 2018). Search the peer-reviewed literature for examples of this. You may select any topic relating to technology that illustrates the potential for really messing things up. Include, in your description, an analysis of what might have caused the problems and potential solutions to them. Be sure to provide supporting evidence, with citations from the literature.

APA format with minimum 2 pages or 500 words.

National Security Culture 19763575

 If you could, what would you do to help create a national “security culture,” in which everyone is more knowledgeable and proactive about threats to information security?  

Literature 19758499


The bonds between siblings are among the strongest. May-Lee Chai describes the relationship between two sisters in her short story, “Saving Sourdi.” 

After reading “Saving Sourdi,” discuss the following questions in 3–5 paragraphs: The story begins with a strong revealing statement from Nea, the narrator. How do you think Nea feels about her sister Sourdi based on this information? How does what happens at the beginning of the story foreshadow what happens later? This story is told from Nea’s point of view. How do you think the story would change if it were told from Sourdi’s point of view? Do you feel closer to the character than you would if this story were told in third person? Nea briefly mentions an experience she and Sourdi had in a minefield when they were younger. What impact do you think this had on the relationship between the sisters? Nea’s family is not originally from the United States. What are some clues the author gives to describe the origin of their ethnicity? Give 2 examples of characters who say things that are racially offensive, and discuss how this makes you feel about those characters. Can you relate to these experiences? How does the author describe Duke and Mr. Chhay? Do you get a sense of who these characters are based on these descriptions? As the story progresses, how does the relationship between Nea and Sourdi change? Why do you think it changes? What does the mother value, based on how reaction to updates she receives from Sourdi? Why do you think she might feel this way?

Discussion 19511247

Firewall Selection

Introduce and discuss a relevant issue regarding Firewall Selection.

In order to receive full credit discussion posts must include at least 2 scholarly references in APA format, a detailed initial post.

Security Compliance Goals

Introduce and discuss a relevant issue regarding Security Compliance Goals.

In order to receive full credit discussion posts must include at least 2 scholarly references in APA format, a detailed initial post.