Circle Program Web Interface


hi, i want to programme a data circle like the attached. we want the circle programmed so that the names move automatically from the outer circle to the next available inner circle weekly until all the names have succcessfully moved through all the circles. how long do you think it will take for all the names in the outermost circle(the brown circle) to move through the blue circle then the yellow circle then the yellow circle, then the green circle. this programming is to be used by a money contribution group where members start from the outermost circle and get passed through the each of the inner circles til they get to the innermost(green) circle where they eventually get paid. then the process starts again with new member names on the outermost circle and process follows same steps to get to the green circle.

you see there are 8 people in the outermost(brown) circle, four people in the blue circle, 2 people in the yellow circle and 1 people in the green circle. we want the people in the brown circle to move into the inner circles gradually till everyone eventually gets to the innermost(green) circle. All the people that start in the outermost(brown) circle would get paid in 8 weeks. One person that gets to the innermost circle(in the green circle) gets paid in every 2 weeks. Do you see the secone diagram has one circle leads to two circles and two circles leads to four circles and four circles leads to eight circles. we start with one circle having 8 people in the outermost(brown circle), then the 8 people move into the next inner circle in two different circles. that is why you see the one circle breaks into two circles. then the four people in each of the two circles move into the next inner circles which makes four different circles. then when the circle moves again, the two people in the four different circles move to the green circle in 8 different circles and get paid. this is based on the principle of the first diagram i sent you that the the outermost(brown) circle must have 8 people , then the next(blue) circle must have 4 people , then the next(yellow) circle must have 2 people, then the innermost(green) circle would have one person paid. but since the 8 people that begin on the outermost circle must all move to the next circle which can only take 4 people at a time, the one circle breaks into 2 circles so that it can take 4 people in each circle.that way the 8 people can move forward to the next circle. since all the 4 people in the two(blue) circles have to move to the yellow circle which can only take 2 people, the two circles break into four circles so that the the four people would move into the yellow circles in the different four circles. the two people in the four different circles move to the innermost(green) circle in 8 different circles so they get paid. new people fill up the outermost circles as people move through the process. we need an application that moves names from one circle to another biweekly until they get payment all the members would be accessing the application so they can where they are in the process so they know when they get paid and an admin user can get access the data to change or add members.

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