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Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Business in a Globalised World and Impact of Migration.

Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Business in a Globalised World and Impact of Migration. The political initiatives developed in each country in regard to migration can influence the power of the latter to intervene in business operations. It should be noted that the relationship between migration and business in a globalized world cannot be made clear without referring also to the relationship between business and globalization, as a social and economic phenomenon. 2. Business in the globalized world and the impact of migration Businesses that have expanded their operations in the global market is often characterized as multinationals (Krizan et al. 2007). However, the above term reflects only those businesses that operate ‘in two or more countries’ (Krizan et al. 2007, p.34). The active involvement of a business in the global market is better reflected through the term global business, which is used in only to describe a business that ‘has adapted its strategies and operations so that they can serve the global market’ (Krizan et al. 2007, p.34). This means that even firms that have expanded their activities in many markets are not, necessarily, able to meet the demands of globalization. It should be noted that the expansion of businesses in the global market is not necessarily positive for markets. For this reason, the activities of organizations and institutions that operate globally have often caused severe conflicts worldwide. Reference can be made, as an example of such organizations, to ‘the World Bank or the World Trade Organization’ (Ungson and Wong 2008, p.10). On the other hand, the expansion of social phenomena that are highly based on globalization has made the control of global organizations and global businesses even more difficult. Migration is one of these phenomena. Business activities have not managed to remain intact by the development of migration in all markets, an issue that it is further analyzed below. The expansion of globalization has led to a significant limitation, even elimination in certain countries, of barriers in regard to the allocation of the job (Parker 2005). As a result, on a daily basis, millions of workers tend ‘to cross national boundaries for finding a job’ (Parker 2005, p.269). At this point, the following problem appears: not all of these workers are highly skilled (Parker 2005). A surplus of unskilled workers is developed in many countries, especially in developed ones (Parker 2005). On the other hand, not all workers are able to meet the criteria required for international traveling (Parker 2005). The phenomenon of illegal immigration has highly expanded worldwide and its control seems to be quite difficult, especially due to the extremely high number of individuals involved (Parker 2005). An example for understanding the expansion of the phenomenon is given in the study of Parker (2005). According to the above researcher, ‘in 2005 the number of illegal Nicaraguans in Costa Rica was estimated to 400,000’ (Parker 2005, p.269).&nbsp.