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Compose a 1250 words assignment on managing entrepreneurial enterprises’ individual entrepreneurship interview. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Compose a 1250 words assignment on managing entrepreneurial enterprises’ individual entrepreneurship interview. Needs to be plagiarism free! I always like seeing things being done the right way and thus, I prefer employing myself in order to control my business my own way. In my business, I can make my own rules without consulting any person except my employees Charantimath, 2006, 23). Secondly, I like being independent with my own goals and objectives that I have set to achieve. Individuality is a characteristic that enables me to be to stand even when faced with challenges without expecting help form any person. Therefore, as an entrepreneur I can be totally independent without sharing profits or losses with anyone. How do you security in your business? I am a goal oriented person. Setting goals gives a person assurance and security at work since, when the goals are accomplished. it implies that it cannot fail at given time. An entrepreneur has to be focused at achieving his or her goals since. a business is driven by the goals (Eric, 2012, 12). Without goals, the employment security of the employer is at stake and can fail anytime. How do you manage to succeed in your business? First I am a disciplined person. I do not waste time on issues that might lead to failure of my business. I am also punctual in my work. I ensure that all my projects are completed within the speculated time. Discipline also helps me to keep deadlines and be serious with every part of the business (Bridge, 2010, 35). It is also a factor that helps me to ensure that there is no wastage of resources in the business. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, I have managed to succeed through ensuring that every line of work is well coordinated without taking any part for granted. How do you manage to keep your business running despite the stiff competition in the technology industry? The main strategy that I use is creativity and innovativeness. Entrepreneurship is all about generating of new and unique ideas in order to challenge those of competitors. For instance, in the technology industry I have to ensure that I am updated on all the updated technology such as new brands of computers and laptops. I also have to innovate new ways of repairing different parts of the instruments. This helps me to attract new customers and provide them with quality services (Under30CEO, 2010, 65). One character trait that also helps me manage the competition is being a risk taker. As a risk taker, I can take advantage of different opportunities in life without fearing the possible losses. This way I can come up with quality features that can be used in building my business. For instance, purchasing laptops in bulk from foreign countries is extremely risky since. one is never certain if the laptops will be purchased by customers. However, as an entrepreneur, I have to take the risk since. that way I will increase my profits. This character is also supported by the fact that I am an opportunistic person. How do you ensure that, as an entrepreneur, opportunities do not pass you by? I take advantage of the different opportunities that my competitors may be ignoring. This way, my business can thrive above others since I will be equipped with unique ideas (Rex Bookstore, 2012, 45). I am also a thinker. I find my way out of the hard parts of the business that I may face. For instance, if a laptop has been repaired and it is not yet working, as an entrepreneur I have to think of the probable cause of the problem. Therefore, as an entrepreneur I cannot afford to run out of ideas at any one point in time. This has also helped to be above my competitors since.