Database Management Research Project

 TOPICS: DATABASE MANAGEMENT: Security (this is my forte, so, if you choose this I can be quite helpful.) Availability (how do you design and implement a database system that is always reachable and “performant”, despite network outages, zero-day attacks, hardware failures, software bugs, etc.) Performance (what do you measure, how do you measure it, how do you structure your database to “optimize” performance.) Disaster Recovery (Fires, earthquakes, corona virus…) Migration (how do you migrate a legacy data set to a modern “platform”. Beware: this is a hard topic.)

Research: launch carefully constructed googlesearches, read the “propaganda” from consulting companies that specialize in database management, call our library (No, seriously!) and explain that you need some references (that’s what they do) for a database management research project. Talk to faculty and friends.


OR you can even choose these topics :

Cyber Security High Availability Systems NoSQL (Splunk, ELK, etc.) Performance (measurement and mitgation) Migration to cloud services Blockchain

After you choose your topic you need to execute the following steps:
Keep a “research diary”, write down your thoughts, copy URLs into a file, email your ideas to yourself Write an abstract that defines your topic and explains the process that you will use for researching it.

After you get to this point, you will upload your abstract into blackboard for my review… I’ll provide some guidance and then: Write a “rough draft” document that documents your earth shattering findings, upload to blackboard. I review it Write a final copy, upload to blackboard. Write a power point presentation and upload to blackboard

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