Deliverable 2 – Summarizing Articles



This deliverable will give you the chance to demonstrate your ability to summarize academic articles by recognizing main ideas and using paraphrasing techniques in two academic readings.


In preparation for your new position as head of the advertising team for the textbook division, you are doing research to prepare for introducing your team to the initial advertising campaign. It is crucial that you are up to date on the current trends in technology and learning. Thus, you undertake researching a few articles on current methods of learning delivery. One of your articles deals with teaching with computers, and the other article discusses how millennials have changed methods of learning.

Click on the articles below, read each PDF carefully, and summarize the contents of each article in two paragraphs to distribute to your team. Your paragraphs should be constructed as follows: Each paragraph will introduce one article using the correct title, author, and a topic sentence for your summary of this article. (For example, paragraph one will summarize the first article and paragraph two will summarize the second article.) In each paragraph, create a well-constructed summary by considering and commenting on the following items in each paragraph: What is the main idea for each article? Use that main idea as your topic sentence for each paragraph. For what purpose is each article being written? Assess the strong points, and weak ones, if any, in each article. What do you identify as the intended audience for each article? Does the article conclude with an effective conclusion? Ensure that each paragraph is well-constructed and is composed using formal English.

Articles Technology and Early Childhood Education: A Technology Integration Professional Development Model for Practicing Teachers Virtual Worlds and Social Networking: Reaching the Millennials

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