Design A Gantt Charter Project Schedule

I need someone to create a Gantt Chart with milestones listing each phase and other things that would be needed along the way. Below are instructions

Project Schedule: Present your schedule in a Gantt Chart with milestones. You need to be realistic. You start the project April 10th, you complete planning and analysis phases by the end of

this semester May 5th. You continue your project in Fall 2020 semester. You will complete

design and implementation phases in Fall 2020. Please note that we set the date for project

completion the first week of December 2020

MILESTONES (including but not limited to):

a) Analysis Review

b) Design Review

c) Integration Testing (Start, and Completion)

d) User Manual

e) Project Presentation (Tentatively set for First Week of Dec. 2020 for Fall 2020)

The topic and purpose is as follows.

 Purpose of Project: The purpose of this project is to set up and manage events and organize groups. Now that we are quarantined and don’t know how long we have to stay inside, you think that we will stay on track of school assignments and work meetings, but that is not true. Most people are saying that since they have been at home, they don’t know what day it is or can’t keep up with time so this Reminder can always be useful for them. There are a lot of reminder apps out there but we are going to add our own twist to ours. This project will be able to send intelligent reminders to users and groups and this will be done by adding dependencies and using a strong database such as MySQL 

 Budget: No Charge to make the project unless we decide to use an expensive software database program such as BarMax CA or Autodesk Maya 

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