DirectionsYou are a researcher for a professional research firm. Your firm has won acontract to do a

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DirectionsYou are a researcher for a professional research firm. Your firm has won acontract to do a study for an air travel industry publication. The editors of thepublication would like to know their readers’ thoughts on air travel in subjectssuch as ticket purchase, services, safety, comfort, economic growth, andsecurity. They would also like to know the thoughts of adults who use air travel for business as well as for recreation.The editors have given you their readership database and 20 questions they would like to ask. Two of the sample questions are as follows:You know that it is too expensive to contact all of the readers, so you need todetermine a way to contact a representative sample of the entire readershippopulation.1. How did youacquire yourticket?Percent 2. How many associates,friends, or familymembers traveledtogether in your party?Percenta. Travel Agent 35.1% 1 (traveled alone) 48.7%b. Directly fromairline20.9% 2 (traveled with one other person) 29.7%c. Online, using theairlines’ website21.0% 3 (traveled with 2 others) 7.1%d. Online, from atravel site otherthan the airline18.5% 4 (traveled with 3 others) 7.7%e. Other 4.5% 5 (traveled with 4 others) 3.0%6 or more (traveled with 5 or moreothers)3.8%Your task is to write a proposal for the best way to complete this research study.Be sure you answer the following questions. You may use any format you like,however your response must be in complete sentences.1. Opening Paragraph – With every Weekly Case Study, you will begin bywriting an opening paragraph where you will summarize the statisticalconcepts you have learned this week and how you plan to integrate thoseconcepts into this task.2. How would you do it?a. What sampling technique would you use to select the sample for thestudy? Why?b. Will the technique you chose give you a sample that is representative ofthe population?c. Describe exactly how you would complete the sampling method to collectthe data.d. Identify possible flaws or biases in your study.3. Data Classificationa. What type of variables do you expect to collect: qualitative, quantitative orboth? Why? Give an example for each type of data using the abovesample questions or other questions that you would think appropriate forthis survey.b. For each variable, indicate the level of measurement.c. Identify the population and sample that will be represented in your study.d. For one of the above variables, identify a parameter and a matchingstatistic (you can make up the data) that might result from your study.4. How They Did It.When the Resource Systems Group did a similar study, they used anInternet survey. They sent out 1000 invitations to participate in the surveyand received 621 completed surveys. Please include at least one referenceto an outside scholarly source (see Supplemental Syllabus for examples).e. Describe some possible errors in collecting data by Internet surveys.f. Compare your method for collecting data (from Question 1 above) tothis method.5. Metacognition – thinking about thinking and learning.Please write a short paragraph (two to five sentences) explaining how you willutilize the learning and thinking processes developed this week in futureassignments. In your reflection, not only address what worked, but what did not