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Please make your posting to this DB by Tuesday, January 8, and comment on a classmate’s post by Wednesday, January 9. There are several parts to this DB, so it’s worth 30 points total. To get full credit, you need complete the reading response to the introduction and two chapters of the anthology linked below; list some of your areas of interest in relation to our course theme and mention possible research topics you might like to research and write about; and share a few ideas for research questions.

Read the introduction to Book: A Futurist’s Manifesto: http://book.pressbooks.com/front-matter/introductionLinks to an external site.. Then please look over the table of contents and choose two other essays from the book to read: http://book.pressbooks.com/table-of-contentsLinks to an external site.. I’m hopeful that you’ll be able use the book as a resource to help you begin your research and writing for your research paper. Of course I’d suggest that you look more closely at Book and read more than just two essays, but you only need to read two in their entirety to complete this DB.

1. In general, what are your thoughts after reading the introduction to Bookand thinking about the ideas you see that the book addresses (based on looking at the table of contents)?

2. For each of the two specific essays you read from the book, please do the following. Give the title/author of the essay. Summarize the reading (use about 3 sentences for each summary), and describe its significance in regard to our course theme. Why are these specific essays of interest to you?

3. What was the most interesting/useful/etc thing you took from these readings?

4. Do you have some ideas for potential paper topics for the large research paper you will be writing in this class? Brainstorm and list a few possible topics.

5. In reflecting on your readings so far, what are some questions that occur to you? See this link http://writing.colostate.edu/guides/guide.cfm?guideid=25 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.(click “continue” on the lower right corner of the page to work through several pages of this guide for more ideas on generating possible research questions).

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