Display individual artist professional names and country of origin, starting with the youngest…

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Case Background
G’day ticketing company has been selling concert tickets featuring different artists for the past 18
years across Australia. You have been hired to build a database to store and record their ticket sales,
as well as preparing queries, forms, reports, and a user-friendly navigational menu.
Task Descriptions
Your tasks in this assignment are as follows:
Task 1: Setting up Database (5 marks)
Note that anything with “???” means that you will need to assign an appropriate replacement.
1. Create a blank database called GDAY followed by your student ID number (e.g.
Task 2: Queries (30 marks)
• Please keep the order of fields to be displayed in the order stated in the instructions.
• Use the minimum number of tables and fields required to complete the task.
• Do not hide any field, unless instructed to do so.
• Minimise any duplications of results in each query.
• Do not assume that your database will only have current records, so your query should be
valid for future records.
Using “Query Design”, create and save each of the following queries:
1. Basic Queries (2 marks each)
• Q1: Display individual artist professional names and country of origin, starting with
the youngest person, without displaying the date of births.
• Q2: Display artist’s professional names, birth names and date of births of those that
have the professional name started with the letter “a”.
• Q3: Display venue names and phone numbers that have less than 45,000 capacity.
Display venues with the lower capacity first.
2. Intermediate Queries (3 marks each)
• Q4: Display the locations, years, and sales for Adele’s concerts in 2016. Do not show
“Adele” nor “2016”.
• Q5: Display the name of the venue, the year and sales for venues that has the word
“Stadium” as part of its name and only the highest sales made in the year 2010 or
• Q6: Display the average number of ticket sales over time for each venue. Show the
lowest average first.
• Q7: Display artist/band names (sorted alphabetically), the venue names, and the total
number of ticket sales. Only show the results with more than 50,000 tickets sold
3. Advanced Queries (4 marks each)
• Q8: Display the artist/band name with the total revenue (in dollars) of ticket sales
(show the highest earning first) per artist/band names.
• Q9: Display the artist/band name with discounted ticket price (with 15% discount in
dollars) per artist/band (sort alphabetically) without changing the current ticket price.
• Q10: Create a query to permanently update “AU” country of origin to “Australia”.