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This assignment requires you to develop a state chart diagram for an Oral B Braun 5000 electric toothbrush. Starting from the user manual you should first analyze the functionality of the toothbrush and its interaction with the SmartGuide and then, using suitable software, produce a state transition diagram which covers both. Your state chart diagram will be demonstrated subjected to tests you have developed. Timelines and Expectations Percentage Value of Task: 20% Due: 16:00 Sunday the 26 April (week 6) Minimum time expectation: at least 10 hours Learning Outcomes Assessed The following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment: S1. Critically analyse and use complex decision making to research and determine the appropriate Software Engineering tools and methodologies to utilize in a given situation. S2. Apply professional communication skills to support and manage the engineering of a large software system. S3. Review, critically analyse and develop artefacts to define processes for quality assurance, risk management and communication in large software development projects. S4. Implement quality assurance activities in order to verify user requirements and validate design decisions. A1. Analysis of a large system development problem to decide upon the best methodological approach. Assessment Details 1) Read through the User Manual (O3764_14_LA.pdf) to familiarize yourself with the toothbrush and SmartGuide 2) List the functionality of the Oral B Braun 5000 electric toothbrush 3) List the functionality of the Oral B Braun 5000 SmartGuide 4) Choose suitable software to use in developing and demonstrating your state transition diagram e.g. MATLAB, Enterprise Architect or even Mathematica, Maple or similar software; explain your choices 5) Develop a state transition diagram which includes both the toothbrush and SmartScreen CRICOS Provider No. 00103D ITECH7410 Software Engineering Methodologies – 2018-07 Page 2 of 3 6) Demonstrate your final produce as a video (most smart phone cameras should be adequate) – please ask your tutor if you need feedback on the quality of the video and audio 7) You should submit a report which adheres to the presentation of academic work1 Submission Submit your report as a pdf file via Moodle. Your video should be submitted via a public link to a dropbox Marking Criteria/Rubri

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