Due Saturday by 5 pm

As the administrator of a Human Services agency, it is your job to promote professional and personal development in your employees. Motivation is important in Human Services because of the high possibility of burnout when working in the field.

In this assignment, you will design a motivational tool to help your staff stay focused on the organizational mission. This could be in the form of a PowerPoint, brochure, special event, or flyer that presents specific ways to motivate staff. Ideas of things you might want to detail include time management, professional behavior, ethical expectations, and personal stress management.

In addition to submitting the tool, include how you intend for this tool to be used within the Human Services agency. In 2-3 paragraphs, explain how the tool will be made available to the staff (at a meeting, in a weekly email, displayed on bulletin boards, etc.) and how you hope it will help motivate the staff.

Rubrics: Please follow rubrics for all possible points.

A motivational tool is submitted, presenting a specific way to motivate staff while addressing a specific area that may negatively impact staff. 30 pts


A 2-3 paragraph section is included, explaining how the tool will be used within the organization, how the tool will be made available to staff, and how the tool connects to the organization’s mission. 10 pts


The submitted assignment follows standard mechanics for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and writing style. 5 pts

In-text and resources should be in APA format

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