For this assignment, you will be writing an informal business proposal memo.

Your company is interested in venturing into the world of social media as part of a growth strategy. Unfortunately, the decision makers have very limited experience or knowledge in this area. They are particularly interested in the following social media services, among others:







Your boss has asked you to investigate the types and uses of social media that might be appropriate in the workplace. In addition, you are also asked to compare and contrast the services and provide a recommendation that would be suitable to your company’s goals. Specifically, your boss would like you to prepare an informal proposal in the business memo format.

At a minimum, your essay should address the following in the business memo format:Provide a brief summary of the types of social media options that are available.Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using social media in the workplace.Compare and contrast at least 2 of the current social media options.Present and support your personal recommendation.Follow the informal proposal business memo protocol (Review Chapter 6: “Workplace Formats for Writing” and see Figure 6.9 below from page 126 for additional guidelines). Creativity in alignment with the 4 Cs of business writing is encouraged.

Figure 6.9 Informal versus Formal Proposals 




Primarily internal but can be external

Primarily external, competitive


2-3 pages

8-10 pages


Introduce a longer proposal (like a cover letter for a resume) or raise an issue relevant to the immediate audience

Response to an RfP (request for proposal)

FormatIncludes necessary information:Ability to meet the client’s needRationale for selecting proposalDescription of the intended action and the anticipated resultsCosts involved, including materials, personnel, and resourcesTimelineContains more sections than an informal proposal:Transmittal letter that provides context for the proposalPreliminary pages, including title page, table of contents,
and executive summaryDescription of proposal, including process, cost factors,
deliverables, timeline, personnel involvedAppendix, if warranted

Tone/writing style

Informal tone; simple language and sentence structure; use of visuals, bullet points, sub-headings, etc.

Formal tone; complete details presented in
short paragraphs a concluding call to action, visuals,
bullet points, subheadings, etc.


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LinkedIn. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.linkedin.com/

Pinterest. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.pinterest.com/

Twitter. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://twitter.com/

Grading Rubric


Demonstrates mastery of rhetorical mode and uses it to deliver appropriate, detailed, and pertinent content structured in a logical pattern. Uses transitional devices to achieve coherence throughout the informal proposal in business memo format. Presents advantages, disadvantages, and personal recommendation.


Critical Thinking

Demonstrates critical analysis of topic with the use of relevant, insightful, and logical subpoints that presents and supports personal recommendation form an integrated essay argument in support of a central thesis.


Format and Presentation

Follows format and presentation requirements for an informal proposal business memo. Demonstrates effective college-level syntax, word choice, correct grammar, and mechanics. Creativity in alignment with the 4 Cs of business writing encouraged.

 Remember this is informal so should be 2-3 pages


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