Enterprise 11

 COVID – Threat Assessment 

While I am not pleased with the current situation and health risk associated with the current crisis, I am always willing to mix the classroom with current events. To that end, I am asking you to complete the following:  Write a 3 page analysis on the current crisis. I want to see a bit of back story and the current risks this is imposing to business continuity on the whole. You are allowed to pull from your personal experiences or just write in a general aspect. After you complete your 3 pages, take the FAIR PDF from our residency weekend and perform a risk analysis to have a corporate laptop at home. Think about the risks involved with work at home and come up with a risk analysis for working at home. Treat data and physical as assets, as you normally would in these situations. In total, you will be submitting a 3 page analysis with a fourth page showing the calculations and final heat graph from the FAIR analysis (similar to what you did for the residency threat hunting assignment). 

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