Epidemiology 19483123


Write a 1500 word paper that addresses the following: Identify      a public health or health promotion theory you are using to support the      implementation of your recommended prevention and health promotion      activities by enhancing patient knowledge and educating patient regarding      type 2 diabetes mellitus. Provide rationale to support the use of this      theory within the program you designed. Design      evidenced-based prevention and health promotion activities that can be      implemented to decrease the health risk among diabetic patients that lacks      knowledge about their disease. Activities should be realistic and      appropriate for the population. Create      an implementation plan for putting the recommended activities into action,      including a timeline and expected outcomes. Identify      the evaluation program, (decrease in daily blood sugar level) you will use      to determine the efficacy of your health promotion activities and explain      how the evaluation program will help the activities to achieve their      expected outcomes. Explain      how implementing your recommended prevention and health promotion      activities will help to meet the basic needs of this at-risk population      and thereby contribute to the common good of the individual, community,      and society.

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