Essay questions | Computer Science homework help

1) Answer the questions below in order to determine the best solution   for user-related data storage within your organization. Explain your   recommendation. Be sure to cite your sources.

  1. Are there different types of permissions for Linux and Windows   systems?
  2. How are permissions inherited when users are members     of multiple user groups?
  3. Windows has share and NTFS     (Security tab) permissions. How do those interrelate?
  4. When     using Linux to access Windows resources, do the permissions still   apply?
  5. When using Windows to access Linux, do the permissions     still apply?
  6. What must be done in order to appropriately     secure user data across all platforms?
  7. If people pursue     common good without harming individuals, we might not need to secure     Linux or Windows systems. Provide your opinions as to valuing human     value and dignity by securing operating systems.

2)is it possible to have a ‘regular’ corporation that runs exclusively   Linux for both server and workstations? Be sure to cite your sources.   Explain your reasoning with regards to these factors:

  1. Hardware cost
  2. Software cost
  3. Software   availability
  4. Training
  5. Support
  6. Maintenance
  7. Features

need 2 ref each and 250-300 words each question

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