Evaluating websites assignment

Evaluating websites assignment Select a topic related to your profession (or future profession). Examine several (this means more than one!) websites on this topic (if you aren’t sure about the difference between a website and a web page or something else, please see the info on websites in the content section). In written or oral format*, using examples and specific information,  explain why these websites are or are not appropriate for college level student research or for class use (refer back to the information in the library tutorials!) explain the value (or lack thereof) of the websites for use in your professional work. describe any concerns you have about the websites’ reliability/validity and give examples for why you have those concerns. If you don’t have any, explain why.

The paper should: Follow APA format (see your style manual) Include a cover page and reference page (not included in the page count). The reference page should contain hyperlinks to the websites’ homepage. Be well written and include proper use of grammar and spelling. 

*Approximately 1-2 pages of written work or the equivalent if doing an oral presentation

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