Exploration of the Christian Faiths

Please answer the following questions in a minimum of two paragraphs each.  A paragraph should be between five to seven sentences (5-7) each.

1.      What is faith?

2.      What sources are the basis for Christian Belief?

3.      What is the role of Sacraments in Christianity?

4.      What areas show growth in the Christian population in the world today?

5.      What are some challenges or tensions that face Christianity today?


Please use this book and the Powerpoint presentations that I e-mail you/attach as references here.

You must cite them 7th Edition MLA style, where appropriate



 TitleChristianityAuthorAlister E. McGrathISBN978-1-4051-0899-7PublisherJohn Wiley&Sons, IncorporatedPublication DateFebruary 13, 2006BindingPerfectTypePrintPrice$67.95Required

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