Flash fiction | English homework help


For this assignment, I would like you to read the three example flash fictions pieces found in this week’s module. Don’t worry, by their nature, they’re brief! I would then like you to choose one of them and write a one to two page analysis of the piece.

I do not want a synopsis of the story. Please don’t spend precious words reiterating the events that occurred. In our live session for Tuesday (10/13) we discuss elements and strategies of a flash fiction story. I expect to see an analysis that breaks these things down as they relate to your selected story, explaining how and why it makes for a good representation of a work of flash fiction. If there are any reasons why you feel it isn’t a good representation, you are of course welcome to share that as well! I am looking to see that you have a clear understanding of the genre, so please convince me.

The deadline for this assignment is Friday, October 16th by 9pm EST. 

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