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Names of Web sites, applications and common keystrokes make poor security passwords. Despite security advocates call to consumers to employ security best practices, computer users continue to employ weak passwords. Similarly, security network professionals must cautiously assume how their network users will behave. For example, a common assumption is that malicious intruders only originate from outside the company. Such a belief can lead to enforcing security measures on the virtual ‘perimeter walls’ of a company. However, employees or contractors can inflict misguided damage and steal information from inside the network. In this Discussion, you will explore IPsec, the most common network-layer security protocol, and consider what additional security measured might be needed beyond IPsec. To complete this Discussion: Post: Submit an essay in which you share and value your own research findings on IPSec. Describe and analyse situations that require security mechanisms at layers above IP, despite the security provided by IPsec. List the roles of the application layer as it operates in the overall security scheme of the network. Your document should