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M8D1: Global Impact of Organizational Ethics

We share a global marketplace that allows us the opportunity to expand our organizational boundaries. This can lead to increased profit margins and employee opportunities. However, there is also a responsibility attached to this opportunity. We must go beyond the superficial cultural differences that we often focus on in order to increase our market share to a deeper understanding of cultural values that affect ethical behavior. The results of organizational behavior move across national borders through consumer, employee, political/trade, and economic interactions. As the Ethics in Global Market video states, our business organizations have more of an effect on livelihoods than governments.

Review the videos and readings for this module before starting this activity.


For your discussion: Use the EC Virtual Library to locate an article that addresses a contemporary ethics issue and highlights the global component.Create an ethical and moral framework, using the ethics theories from this course.HINT: This framework should provide you with a way to evaluate the ethics issue and deal with the complexity.Apply the created framework to the contemporary ethics issue, addressing the global component within the analysis.Describe how the application of your framework helps you to address the issue.Describe how the systematic application of the framework helps you effectively and ethically deal with the complexity of the global component.

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