Function Name: accounting Inputs: 1. (char) Spreadsheet filename Outputs: (none) File Outputs: 1. An

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Function Name: accounting


1. (char) Spreadsheet filename



File Outputs:

1. An excel file with the corrected spreadsheet

Function Description:

YouA????1ve been hired by the Mob. Yes, that Mob.

Your job is to take some books theyA????1ve cooked and turn them into more readable, understandable spreadsheets so when the Feds show up and demand it all as evidence itA????1ll be nice and pretty, and they can worry their little heads off about where the couple of dimes here and there went; all the while Johnny takes the duffels of laundered money out the back and stashes them- AHEM. Right. Yeah. So. Books.

Take an A????1encodedA????1 (see also: gibberish) book that the Mob gives you and turn it into a more readable format. TheyA????1ve decrypted the headers for the A????1ItemA????1, A????1QuantityA????1, and A????1Per-unit PriceA????1 columns so you can do the math they require of you. The columns have been left encrypted for how much of it was clean, how much went to a given dayA????1s tab, how much was A????1blood moneyA????1- AHEM.

Create a new spreadsheet with the following column headers: A????1ItemA????1, A????1QuantityA????1, A????1Per-unit PriceA????1, A????1Per-unit TaxA????1, and A????1Total PriceA????1 (which have been decoded for you). Underneath each column, either place the already existing columns or calculate the respective values for each item. Assume a tax of 8%, so the A????1Per-unit TaxA????1 column will be A????1Per-unit TaxA????1 = 0.08 * A????1Per-unit PriceA????1 and A????1Total PriceA????1 = (A????1Per-unit TaxA????1 + A????1Per-unit PriceA????1) * A????1QuantityA????1. Round the values in the A????1Per-unit TaxA????1 and A????1Per-unit PriceA????1 columns to the hundredths decimal place (so, round to the nearest cent).

The output file should be named the same as the input file but with A????1_fixedA????1 before the file extension. E.g. A????1example.xlsA????1 would become A????1example_fixed.xlsA????1.


? It is very highly recommended that you DO NOT use iteration to solve this problem.

? Keep the items in the order they came in, just move the column (if it needs to be moved).

? Each item will be unique.

? The mob has provided a sample A????1back to school shopping listA????1 spreadsheet that will help you visualize what it is your code will do.