Grant Administrative and resource development assginment4

This is a two-part assignment:

First, complete the Goals and Objective Worksheet (supplied electronically in this assignment) on pages 45-46. If there is more than one Project Goal, complete one worksheet for each Goal, listing the Goal at the top of the worksheet. Dissect each goal into objectives indicating the direction of change, area of change, target population, degree of change, and time frame. 

Next, write the Program Goals and Objectives section (in narrative form) that will be included in the final Grant Proposal. You can name this several different titles, Goals and Objective, Project Goals, Programs Objectives, etc. Look at the sample proposals for examples.

Remember, use the book only as a guide. All worksheets and written submissions NEED to contain great amount of details where appropriate. One or two sentence responses in worksheets will likely result in a poor grade, so include lots of details.

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