Health Care Reform Article Analysis

There been a lot of public discussion on “The Affordable Care Act” in the past year+.  Select a recent research article (last three years) from a peer-reviewed (scholarly) journal concerning “The Affordable Care Act” and begin by writing a brief summary of that section of the law or article while covering the following points:

  What does section of the law cover or describe what the issue is? What does that section of the law actually do to health care from the perspective of the employer or employee?

  THEN – complete the article analysis (NOT an article review):


Using the Article Analysis Guide from the “Resources” section of weekly materials, read and review the article. Provide an analysis in logical order that discusses the content of the article and whether or not it is in agreement with the text (in-text citations linking text content to your article review is expected), and your personal experience . Support your logic with citations and references at the end of the analysis (see grading rubric, you need more than just the article and textbook!). MS Word format required. Your name must be part of the filename.


U Wk 4 Journal Article Analysis Guidelines.pdf Grading Rubric for Journal Article Analysis.pdf

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