Help With Thesis Assignment Needs Editingrevisionre Arrangement 19900589

Some of the revisions require:

Page 2. “You cannot do this. I have gone over this a few times with you. You MUST write something under the level one header before you go to a level two header. I suggest you write out your supporting argument under “Supporting position. What is your argument? How does technology support healthcare as an American right and not a privilege? Spell it out here. This should be about a page. Then go into ethical theory and principles. However, I suggest you do a level two header for each principle and your theory.”

Page 11. “this needs to be completely revised. Again, remove “Technology can Create Risks” and move that section up to go under “Opposing Position” then at the end have a level tow header that reads “Utilitarian Theory” and elaborate on it. Then you need two ethical principles. What are they? Pleasure and happiness are NOT ethical principles. Please refer to your text book. You need two ethical principles for this section to receive the points and you need to write at least a paragraph on each”


Burkhardt, M. A., & Nathaniel, A. K. (2014). Ethics & issues in contemporary nursing. 4th ed. 

American Nurses Association. (2001). Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive 

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