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reply to the students response to the question  below  in a 150 words min and provide 1 reference 

question :  

How does a distinguishing of the terms data and information bear an impact upon effectively communicating human resource programs?

students response


By distinguishing the terms and bringing them to a level that is easy for all employees to read and understand, the human resource (HR) manager is removing barriers that may exist from the employee.  One way that the communication of HR programs to employees remove barriers is through the way the benefit is promoted to the employee.  Prior to this promotional information to the employee the language is written by one person, then reviewed by another, and then lastly a third party.  The communication goes through multiple steps of HR staff looking at the communication and encouraging staff to use language that is assessable to employees. 

What influence does removing communication barriers have on the transmission of HR programs?  According to the 2017 ALEX Benefits Communication Survey, employees want help with making decisions on their benefits.  The number of respondents in the survey sat at 55% wanting additional assistance from their employer on making health benefit decisions.  (Harking, 2018).  The separating of terms that are used by the HR department also allows for the terms to be used correctly and to be understood correctly by employees.  The main point that stood out to me in the reading regarding communicating with employees is that there are more considerations than just what is typed, spoken, or stated.  An example of this is seen in my current position, all communication to students has to be at a level they understand with the understanding that it is an email and needs to be short and to the point.  Additional items that are helpful may be supplemented as attachments but the most pertinent information needs to be in the first 30 words of the email. 

Harkin, J. (2018). Benefits communications survey: Employees want more direction. Strategic HR Review, 17(2), 99-102. doi:

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