I Have 2 APA Discussion Papers, 150 words Minimum for each discussion. At least 1 Citation (Must Come From The Textbook Provided.) Due Dec.8th

 HR Management 

Module 13 – Chapter 11:Explain the process to develop a performance review system. 

Module 14 – Chapter 12: Discuss some strategies when working with unions. 

 The deliverable length of initial posting must be at least 150 words.  After the initial posting, students are required to respond to at least two (2) peers responses.  Peer responses must be at least 50 words for each response, in order to receive full credit.  Discussions must be the students original thoughts based on the topics from the “Open Educational Resource” (OER) Course Textbook and/or other referenced sources.  Direct quotes from references must be less than 10 words.  Plagiarized discussions will result in a “0” for the submission of this assignment.   Please review postings for sentence structure, grammar and punctuation errors.   

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