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I need some assistance with these assignment. organization behavior of uae company Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. organization behavior of uae company Thank you in advance for the help! The company flies to approximately 90 destinations around the world. In this case, it is able to reach more than 60 countries in the world. The company has its main operations in Dubai which is the capital city of UAE. Moreover, Dubai is regarded as one of the fastest-growing cities in the region (Management Guru, 2012). In the first year of operation, Emirates Airline started its flights in Karachi. It started its European operations to London in 1987. After 3 years, the company was able to double its operations thereby allowing it to grow at an annual rate of 25%. The revenue of the company today is approximately $11.8 billion annually. It employs approximately 36,000 employees. Moreover, the number of international passengers between 2009 and 2010 was approximately 25.9 million (Reportlinker, 2012). The number of flights that the company is able to reach per week is approximately 2400. It will analyze the challenges by adopting the OB theory of X and Y. It will also discuss the leadership personality traits and the conflicts within the industry. Emirates Airline flies to six continents in the world. In this perspective, it is able to cover approximately 100 cities. In the Asian continent, the company has a market share of approximately 39 percent (Free Swot Analysis, 2012). Moreover, it is a state-owned corporation thereby boosting its financial base. Moreover, it lies in between east and west Asia thereby allowing the company to boost its market share significantly. Weaknesses There is an open competition in the country which has allowed other competing businesses to venture in the market. Moreover, the company is faced with a dire need to improve its performance in all the regions around the world in order to increase its market share. In addition, the company does not pay its labor sufficiently thereby limiting its productivity. Opportunities Since Emirates Airline has joined the global airline alliance, it should focus on areas such as Disney Land which is attracting international communities to use Emirates Airline as their first choice. This has strengthened the company’s operations globally. Threats Since Emirates Airline is owned by the state, it is heavily affected by the policies that the government implements. Moreover, since different types of labor are required to cope with different types of aircraft, it becomes difficult for the company to meet the demands of the employees without any conflicts. PEST Analysis Political The political scene in the Asian pacific has been favorable in the 2000s. As a result, most of the countries are making agreements which have facilitated trade within the region. These agreements have opened up opportunities for the company (Articlesbase, 2012). Economic The United Arab Emirates economy has been advancing at a consistent pace thereby increasing the overall income of the country. As a result, the revenue per capita has grown significantly thereby allowing the people in the region to make use of air transport. As a result, Emirates Airline has noted steady growth in recent years (Articlesbase, 2012). Social Emirates Airline conducts its operations in an area that has a large number of employees. Most of these employees do not demand high compensation. In this case, there is a huge difference in labor costs with countries such as the US. In this case, the company has been able to boost its profits significantly.&nbsp. &nbsp.